i love mooji, mooji, mooji!

If you haven't heard of him, now you have! If you enjoy meditating or exploring your inner self check this man out! He is the most gentle soul. His voice is soothing and he keeps a playful humour in his satsangs.  I love to use his guided meditations when I find it hard to quiet the mind.  It helps you to just sit in the moment without any trouble while listening to his soft words.  I also find that listening when going to sleep is very relaxing and helps sooth me into a deep slumber. I find that the more often I quiet my mind for any amount of time helps to balance my moods and anxieties.  Staying present. Staying present happens naturally all the time.  I love playing or listening to music to stay in the moment, lost in the moment.  Practicing yoga, walking in nature, making jewellery, concsious eating, anything you want really can be your tool to practicing presence.  Give it a try, I dare ya! Notice the presence of the awareness that is witness to all things perceived... good day ;)

Check out a mooji here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDyhpIH1itM