balancing your chakras

Ever wonder why you have a persistent health ailment or experience emotional turmoil?  When your chakra energies are out of whack it often affects the mind, body and spirit. Being aware of these energies can help save a lot of time in diagnosing the causes of these unknown ailments. A few years ago, back before I knew anything about chakras and their direct affects on my well being, I began experiencing unwanted physical health symptoms.  I noticed that I continually lost my voice for no apparent reason and then began to suffer from sore throats and ear infections with no evidence as to why.  When I proceeded to lose my voice for over a month without a cold or a cough I started asking myself why.  As it so happened I had purchased a book on chakras a few years prior but had never actaully read a word of it.  This book literally fell off the shelf during the period of no voice and I began to read it.  This book is one I absolutely recommend to anyone who is interested in healing physical and non physicall ailments in a natural and spiritually inspired way.  Carolyn Myss: Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing. Find yourself a copy on Amazon!  This book changed my life for the better! I learned all about how unbalanced chakras can have extreme affects on indiviualds that are not aware of themselves spiritually and how to change that.  I began my journey by examining the throat chakra and the reasons related to why I was constantly losing my voice.


To give you a quick overview, the Throat Chakra is located in the center of the throat near the adam's apple. This Chakra is linked to our creativity and ability to communicate.  I quickly realized that I had not been expressing myself creatively through music and I also had been supressing feelings of discontenment in my career choices.  After the realization that I hadn't been making time for playing music I went out and purchased myself a full size keyboard and upgraded my twenty year old guitar.  I immediately felt the relief.  Expressing myself creatively was the hammer on the nail! I got instant results.  In combination I also used aromatherapy, sound vibration and gemstones to help balance the throat chakra which actually led me directly to crafting jewellery! (Solving the discontentment in career choices) 

Now whenever I have a persistant ache or physical discomfort that lasts more than a few days, I ask myself which chakra it pertains to and inquire within as to why this chakra may be out of balance.  

There are so many amazing websites that offer extensive information on chakras and what can be done to maintain balance.  If you have or are experiencing any discomfort, emotional or physical I highly recommend taking a moment and asking yourself what are the underlying issues... go from there and I bet you will experience great relief! Try it! What do you have to lose?!!